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Dent Removal

Mark from Ryding Auto Body is the best.. His mechanics are also the best. I recently had a car accident and he took fabulous care of me and my car at such a stressful time. He is incredibly patient and kind. He put my car back together perfectly. He not only works efficiently but in the most cost effective way. I highly recommend Ryding Auto Body. They are the best. Thank you Mark for everything!!!
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Ethan G.

Paintless Dent Removal

We are building a better experience for our valued clients.

Here at Ryding we only employ the best, Paintless Dent Removal requires patience, durability and determination to achieve the right results.

Not all damage can be repaired with PDR, the most ideal typically being hail damage and small dents such as door dings around your vehicle. Paintless Dent Removal has many benefits that come with it. Firstly, paintless dent removal retains the value of your vehicle compared to conventional repairs as you are eliminating many aspects of the repair such as body filler and paint. Generally, PDR is also lower cost compared to a conventional repair as your eliminating the time spent on labor, materials and paint.


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